Miami Heat Win The NBA Championship

82 regular season games, two months worth of playoffs — but it all came down to one game. The Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs squared off one more time in Game 7 of the NBA final, and after a great game, the Miami Heat won the championship.thumbnail

There is nothing better than a Game 7 — sports fans dream about them. So we knew we were in for a treat when LeBron James’ Miami Heat went head-to-head with the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals — a winner-takes-all game to determine the 2013 NBA champions. It was TK TEAM’s night on June 20, as they claimed the Larry O’Brien Championship trophy, winning in a thriller 95-88.

Miami Heat Win NBA Championship — LeBron James Earns Second Ring

There was so much on the line coming into Game 7 — way more than just the 2013 championship. LeBron, who seemed to shake off the critics in 2012 by winning an NBA championship, an MVP trophy, and a gold medal at the Olympics, found himself once again the subject of unbelievable scrutiny. The general consensus going into June 20′s game was that if the Heat lost, LeBron would be a failure.
King James seemed to realize the stakes: “I only came here to win championships,” LeBron told ESPN before the game. “This is what I wanted to be a part of this team for.”
On the other side of the court, the San Antonio Spurs, were looking to become one of the most decorated NBA teams ever. Built around veteran Tim Duncan, the Spurs have won four titles in the last 14 years. Winning a fifth would propel them into conversations with Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, Larry Bird’s Boston Celtics, and Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers.
In the final moments, Miami Heat took the lead by 7 points!
What about you, HollywoodLifers – were you rooting for the Miami Heat to win? Let us know!

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