Microsoft facts global police data requests

More than 75,000 requests were prepared by police services around the world for data on Microsoft users in 2012.The facts were revealed in Microsoft's first transparency report which comprehensive how often police forces required data to aid investigations.US police forces topped the record of agencies keen to know who produced specific images or other content. In most cases, Microsoft only handed over basic information such as login names and IP addresses.
Most of the additional requests were for non-content figures such as login names, IP addresses or other low-level identifiers. The transparency report from Microsoft follows related efforts by Google, Twitter and others to let users know who is looking for data about what people do online. The needs covered more than 137,000 accounts on Microsoft's many services including Hotmail,, Xbox Live, Skype and others. It was tough to estimate how many individual users that involved, said Brad Smith, Microsoft's general counsel, in a blogpost, because a lot of people ran lots of separate accounts.

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