Innovative cyclist alert-and-brake car system Introduced by Volvo

Volvo has announced it is releasing a cyclist detection facility which should prevent deadly accidents.  The Chinese-owned group introduced the aspect at the Geneva Motor Show. The auto firm supposed that vehicles fitted with the system will be able to detect threats including a cyclist unexpectedly swerving out into a car's path. It held that if a crash risk was detected an alarm would sound and the car's brakes would be fully deployed.
The technology is an improved version of Volvo's ambler detection system which it launched in 2010. The knowledge is an enhanced version of Volvo's pedestrian detection system which it launched in 2010. The code which acts as the brains for the equipment has been rewritten to add the new characteristic, and its added intricacy has meant a more powerful processor is now needed. As a result Volvo cars fitted with prior versions of the product cannot simply install a software upgrade.

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